Stripping, or The Pragmatisim of Julian Opie

Sat, 01/01/2011

      [I want to] strip things down, to look at them for what they really are ...
                                                         Julian Opie [i]

Julian Opie: Alan Cristea Gallery

Thu, 23/04/2015

Julian Opie: Collected Works

Thu, 20/02/2014

Art Quarterly Magazine

Collected works
The Holburne Museum, Bath
22 May to 14 September 2014

James Hall, Tate Magazine

Thu, 01/06/2000

James Hall, Tate Magazine


Michael Craig-Martin's wall drawings have a billboard quality about them, and his former pupil, Julian Opie has actually made art to be displayed on billboards. Opie's paintings and sculptures play complex perceptual games, yet stylistically they evoke cartoons and children's toys. These artists are sophisticated connoisseurs of style, and would not be too outraged if their viewers thought they were as stupid - or intelligent- as a sign painter.

Richard Shone, The Burlington Magazine

Fri, 01/09/2000

Richard Shone, The  Burlington Magazine


Julie Morere: People, Portraits and Landscapes

Sat, 01/01/2005

Essay from 'Impersonality and Emotion in Twentieth-Century British Arts', J.M. Ganteau & C. Reynier (editors), published by  Universite Paul-Valery Montpellier III 


Dominic Murphy: Seeing is Believing

Thu, 06/02/2003

for Guardian Online 


Line art, Graphics International

Tue, 01/07/2003

Line art, Graphics International


Julian Opie: Twenty Six Portraits

Fri, 11/08/2006

Text by Julian Opie, published by Alan Cristea Gallery


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